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Bring Your Canary: Peter Galle

In this, the newest installment of Bring Your Canary, we’re diving into the performing arts again.  BYC is a little trip into the minds of some of the most talented local artists who you know, or should know.  Peter Galle is just such a one.

Peter Galle of Threshold Rep

Galle is the marketing, social media and grants coordinator for Threshold Repertory Theatre, one of the city’s newest companies that is really making a name for itself in professional theatre.  He is also the lead in their current production of playwright Martin McDonagh’s Lieutenant of Inishmore, playing through February 19th.

The young actor was born and raised in Charlotte, where his mother worked with several “equity” theatre companies before relocating to Charleston four years ago.   In 2007, Galle moved to Charleston to attend the College of Charleston, where he studied Philosophy & English.

After graduation, Galle spent several months traveling solo through Europe and India.

In The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Galle plays Padraic, the decidedly unhinged militant son of Donny.  Poor Donny has been put in charge of guarding Padraic’s precious cat, Wee Thomas, while he’s away planting bombs and torturing drug dealers.

When Padraic gets wind that Wee Thomas is doing ‘poorly,’ he returns to his hometown of Inishmore with a vengeance, and the bloodshed begins.

Joey and Donny ponder the state of Wee Thomas

The cast spent 135 hours preparing for this production, working with a dialect coach, meeting independently with the director, and in intensive rehearsals.  The accents were impressive.  About those dialects, Galle says:

Padraic didn't take the news well...

“I’m a very young actor, and I know that, but what I have found in my process is that after a certain amount of time…a really special thing happens for each character, and they start speaking from a place in my body…that’s when I know I’m becoming performance ready,” says Galle.

“Padraic speaks from the front of my lungs, and the back inside my body and down to my sacrum…a lot of that are is your primordial, physical…instinctual center, and I think we all have the ability to encompass every single human emotion…the beauty of acting like any art, it can allow us to access the most human emotions.  I know Padraic exists somewhere inside of me,” says Galle.

Galle’s portrayal of the madman Padraic is frighteningly good.  The manic, madman state literally shines through his eyes.  “[Padraic’s] got bite to him.  He’s obviously a very damaged person, because he wants to hurt all the time, and that comes from a place of pain,” he says.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore plays through Sunday at Threshold Rep‘s new home, 84 1/2 Society Street, between King and Meeting.  Performances: Thursday, Friday, Saturday (February 16 – 18) at 7:30 pm, Sunday (February 19) at 2:30 pm.  This is not for the little ones, but the babysitter will be well worth it.  Check out The Lieutenant of Inishmore this weekend.

words: Stacy Huggins


The Crucible comes carefully crafted at Threshold Repertory Theatre

Threshold Repertory Theatre’s adaptation of Arthur Miller’s most well known play, The Crucible, is stellar, to say the least. In the company’s inaugural performance at their new Society Street location, Miller’s scathing social commentary of 1950s McCarthyism is effortlessly brought to life through complex emotional performances by the 19-person ensemble.

Set in Massachusetts at the height of the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible focuses on the effects of fear and paranoia on a society, and the subsequent destruction wrought by such psychological imbalances. But don’t worry; it’s not all seriousness. In the midst of flying accusations are moments of subtle comedic relief that are sure to place a smile on your face.

This is a carefully staged, thought-provoking performance that you don’t want to miss.

The show runs through November 13. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for students. Call 704-996-7037 or visit www.thresholdrep.org for more information.

words: Callie Smith

Threshold Repertory Theatre, 84 1/2 Society Street, downtown Charleston.  www.charlestontheater.com, thresholdrep@gmail.com