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Fashionistas, Mobilize to Michael Mitchell TONIGHT!

THE TIME IS NOW.  The Fashion Group International® is coming to Charleston & tonight is your preview.  Michael Mitchell Gallery will host all lovers of fashion at 438 King Street from 6:30 – 8 pm.  This is a perfect opportunity to mingle with industry professionals, learn about the FGI and enjoy vino and nibbles from Social Wine Bar, all while surrounded by contemporary art that is fresh and new.

The Fashion Group International® is a global non-profit organization with 5,000 professionals in the fashion industry, including apparel, accessories, beauty and home.  There is a $40 ticket, which will help support their endeavors locally and globally.  The board will be present, and you can learn all about why you will be dying to join in 2011 when they officially arrive!  Space is limited, so don’t delay, my darling style gurus.

take me for a ride

Karen Silvestro's Taken for a Ride

So I promised you a new Karen Silvestro painting a day.  Here you go.

Taken for a Ride depicts a woman who is disregarding all the warning signs and red flags in the pursuit of that ever-present preoccupation many females have–marriage.  What is it about this urge to settle down and commit our lives to another person that we may ignore all the indicators that it may not be the right person we are committing to?  As a Southern young woman, I can relate to the perplexity of this situation.  I know my parents, family, friends all thought I’d be married by now.  But it’s never been right.  I don’t want to be taken for ride.  This woman has her blinders on so tightly, she does not see that the man she is allowing to take her down this path to ‘wedded bliss’ is clearly not even a real man…

Come see Taken for a Ride and the rest of the PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man show at Robert Lange Studios.  Opening Reception this Friday at 2 Queen Street, from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, with beverages from Social Wine Bar on East Bay Street.  On view now through the end of August.  Visit Karen Silvestro online for a preview of the show.  Brought you by Art Pimp.

Calling All Art and Culinary Lovers!

Picture 1

Join the Carolina Fine Arts Dealers’ Association on July 17 for their annual Palette and Palate Stroll, an evening dedicated to fine art, cuisine, and wine. Attendees will enjoy an “array of breathtaking art, created by nationally and internationally renowned artists at the city’s most prominent galleries, and indulge in fine cuisine prepared by Charleston’s circle of prestigious chefs.” 

The event will begin at 5:30 and benefits CFADA’s visual arts scholarship. The cost is $30 per person and tickets are non-refundable. To make a reservation (which is recommended), call 843-819-8006 or email info@cfada.com or buy online at the official site.

The 2009 pairings are listed below: