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HEADS UP: Wicked Tix on Sale FRIDAY 2/10 at 8 AM

BIG NEWS: The biggest blockbuster runaway hit that Broadway has ever seen in coming to North Charleston.  That’s right.  It’s time to defy gravity.  WICKED is coming to the Performing Arts Center April 18 – 29.  Oh wait, we already told you that.

Wicked comes to North Charleston April 18 - 29


Just a guess, but you should probably get your camping gear ready.

Wicked fans fill the lobby

It’s like this: tickets go on sale to the public Friday, February 10 at 8 am, but you have to be there, in person, at the North Charleston PAC box office, to purchase them.  On the slim chance there are any left at 10 am, they will go on sale via phone and Ticketmaster.

Wicked comes to Charleston April 18 - 29

A lot happened before Dorothy dropped in...

Got a big group?  Get your tickets now.  For groups of 20 or more call (843) 529-5007.


Something “Wicked” This Way Comes

Prepare yourselves for the Broadway experience of a lifetime, as the internationally acclaimed musical Wicked is coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center this spring!

Glinda and Elphaba, the Witches of Oz

Wicked is an insightful tale of two young witches of Oz, their unlikely friendship, and how they became known as Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West, based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked.

Once immersed in this musical, the viewer is exposed to a fresh perspective on L. Frank Baum’s classic story and the society surrounding it, painting the world of Oz in shades of grey – or rather, green.

Employing over 200 pounds of dry ice; a 15-member orchestra, including several members from the Charleston area; and phenomenal costuming, Wicked brings an atmosphere of sheer energy and spectacle to any stage the production graces.

Embark on this magical journey and discover the spell-binding experience that is Wicked April 18 – 29, 2012.

Tickets for groups of 20 or more are now available at 843.529.5007 or www.northcharlestoncoliseumpac.comBest of Broadway season tickets are also on sale, and include coming productions of In The Heights, Mamma Mia! and Mary Poppins.

Smut and Paste at SCOOP Studios this Friday

William Goodman's Broken Homelife

The girls at SCOOP Studios have never shied away from hanging a show that might create a little stir with the Old Guard of Charleston.  Doing it on Broad Street, in the heart of it all, makes it even better.  From Joel Parker’s keg-standing nudes to Ryan Cronin‘s message that Aliens are coming Dec 21, 2012 to Karen Ann Myer‘s sometimes disturbingly intimate scenes of the bedroom, SCOOP brings a fresh perspective and a perfect platform for the emerging artist to meet the forward thinking collector.

William Goodman‘s show Smut and Paste, opening this Friday, December 3rd, promises to be no different.  “My images are often veiled illusions which echo deep layers of my own life experience, both positive and negative. My paintings simultaneously evoke a conscious, as well as subconscious, reaction from the viewer,” states Goodman. The mixed media collages blends the modern day with retro imagery.

While I haven’t been able to see it all yet, the mixed media collages I have seen are very promising for a show that I will love and some will possibly hate.  But the point of good art is to get a reaction.  Instead of the gallery one walks in and out of in under 2 minutes, I like to see a show that will illicit a strong reaction.  I don’t really give a damn if it’s positive or negative, as long as you’ve actually looked.  Not the passive glance and move on to the line for wine.  But something that engages, gets a real reaction.  The whole point of art is to communicate to the viewer.

Here’s hoping Mr. Goodman doesn’t let me down.

SCOOP Studios, 57 1/2 Broad Street, opening Friday Dec 3, 5-8 pm.

A Little Macabre is Good For You

The cast of Poe: The Conqueror Worm

On Saturday night, I ventured up to Park Circle for Theatre Verv‘s production of Poe: The Conqueror Worm.  It was a perfectly creepy evening for some Poe, and set the stage for an excellent Halloween weekend.

In residence at the South of Broadway Theatre, Verv is putting on “cutting-edge contemporary theatre.”  Poe was an interesting, fast paced mash up of writings by the most tortured of artists, Edgar Allen Poe.  The cast worked their magic quickly, forcing the audience to keep up.  This works for and against the production: there’s no chance of nodding off during a scene that is slowly marching on, but this might not be a good introduction for a novice.

While many of Poe’s short stories were visited, The Tell-Tale Heart was the most outstanding.  The lunatic widow, played by Dallas Corbett, brought me in, and kept me hanging on each sentence.  The story of phantom heartbeats, guilty conscience and madness was well communicated.

The Madam and the Widow


The Madam, Sarah Coe, was a particularly engaging character, neither under- nor over-acted.  Her control over the other characters was apparent and perfect.  The Songbird, played by Carole Moore, has a lovely voice that served the part well.  Compliments on her arrangement of the melody for The Sleeper.  David Barr as The Barker made you feel like Poe himself had joined us for the evening, all the way from his cold grave in Baltimore.

Set design was minimal and communicative, and the cast made the most of the black-box theatre.  Action happened all around you, which served to heighten the creepiness of Poe’s tales. The threat of danger moved all around you, slinking and shrieking, closing in on you.

There are three more performances of Poe: the Conqueror Worm this weekend, and I suggest you make a Park Circle night with dinner at EVO or Sesame (get the Memphis burger–peanut butter, bananas and bacon!  The King would be proud) before heading to see Poe.

Poe: The Conqueror Worm by Theatre Verv, in residence at South of Broadway Theatre, 1080 East Montague Ave, North Charleston.  Thursday – Saturday, November 4, 5 & 6, at 8:30 pm. Tickets

Adapted and Directed by JC Conway and Mark Gorman.  Cast: David Barr, Jelena Zerega, Sarah Coe, Stephen Linn, Dallas Corbett, Ron Johnson, Carole Moore.  The Tale-Tell Heart adapted by Richard Valiton.  Set Design by Mark Gorman.  Lighting Design by JC Conway.

Park Circle Films Now Showing!

The Greater Park Circle Film Society was established to educate the Lowcountry public on all aspects of media arts. The Society presents films generally not shown in commercial theaters, acting as a local alternative to mainstream theaters, and presents related educational programs. sixstring

This month, on June 27, the Society is showing two films in Park Circle at 1080 E. Montague. 

The first, with a matinee showing at 4 pm and a second showing at 7 pm is Six-String Samurai, directed by Lance Mungia. The film is rated PG-13. According to Netflix:

“After the Russians lob an atomic bomb at the United States in the late 1950s, survivors flock to the neon lights of “Lost Vegas,” where Elvis Presley is a bona fide king of music and men, but when His Majesty dies unexpectedly, the city’s shiny throne is up for grabs. Armed with a six-string in one hand and a samurai sword in the other, rock ‘n’ roll hipster Buddy (Jeffrey Falcon) vows to make it to Sin City in time for his coronation.”

The Road Warrior

The second film which will be shown at 10 pm as part of the Late Night Series is The Road Warrior. The film, directed by George Miller, is rated R. According to Netflix:

“In this sequel to Mad Max, Mel Gibson returns as the heroic loner who drives the roads of post-apocalyptic outback Australia in an unending search for gasoline. Arrayed against him and the other scraggly defendants of a fuel-depot encampment are the bizarre warriors commanded by The Humungus (Kjell Nilsson). The post-nuclear future meets the mythological past in this epic of action and carnage.”

Admission is $2 for members and $5 for nonmembers; free popcorn is provided.