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Smut and Paste at SCOOP Studios this Friday

William Goodman's Broken Homelife

The girls at SCOOP Studios have never shied away from hanging a show that might create a little stir with the Old Guard of Charleston.  Doing it on Broad Street, in the heart of it all, makes it even better.  From Joel Parker’s keg-standing nudes to Ryan Cronin‘s message that Aliens are coming Dec 21, 2012 to Karen Ann Myer‘s sometimes disturbingly intimate scenes of the bedroom, SCOOP brings a fresh perspective and a perfect platform for the emerging artist to meet the forward thinking collector.

William Goodman‘s show Smut and Paste, opening this Friday, December 3rd, promises to be no different.  “My images are often veiled illusions which echo deep layers of my own life experience, both positive and negative. My paintings simultaneously evoke a conscious, as well as subconscious, reaction from the viewer,” states Goodman. The mixed media collages blends the modern day with retro imagery.

While I haven’t been able to see it all yet, the mixed media collages I have seen are very promising for a show that I will love and some will possibly hate.  But the point of good art is to get a reaction.  Instead of the gallery one walks in and out of in under 2 minutes, I like to see a show that will illicit a strong reaction.  I don’t really give a damn if it’s positive or negative, as long as you’ve actually looked.  Not the passive glance and move on to the line for wine.  But something that engages, gets a real reaction.  The whole point of art is to communicate to the viewer.

Here’s hoping Mr. Goodman doesn’t let me down.

SCOOP Studios, 57 1/2 Broad Street, opening Friday Dec 3, 5-8 pm.