Bring Your Canary: Kristy Bishop

the artist

Mixed media artist Kristy Bishop will be part of tonight’s Buzzworthy 2 mobile art gallery, featuring emerging artist who are doing cool things but not represented in town yet, a project of Stephanie Burt of The Beehive PR.  Check the show out — it’s at The Cocktail Club, 479 King Street, from 7 – 10 pm.

We caught up with Kristy this afternoon to ask her a few questions for Bring Your Canary–come tunnel with us through this artist’s mind!

What inspires you to get creative?
A lot of times its other artists. I am going to Art Basel next month so that will be the ultimate inspiration.  Also a lot of times when I am experimenting with something that leads to a new technique or idea


Are you a bankers hours kind of artist or whenever the mood strikes or up all night?
I usually work everyday even if its just for a little bit.  I guess I would say that I work usually from 12 to five and then again at night.

What artist(s), living or dead, would you like to have dinner with?
Frida Kahlo

If you could collect any artist’s work, regardless of price, who would you buy?
Lauren Dicioccio  

What do you love about your medium?
I feel like I can work more abstractly and the possibilities are endless.  I’ve begun working in more relief using fabric and I want this to lead to more sculptural/3-d work.


One response to “Bring Your Canary: Kristy Bishop

  1. If and when you line up that rendezvous with Frida Kahlo, count me in! Keep creating!

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