Are You Normel??

Thomas and Judy Heath’s sophomore play is opening September 24th, and you do not want to miss it. Perfectly Normel People is “a fish-out-of-water comedy about what happens when a college freshman from Kansas moves in with a dysfunctional Italian-American family from Queens.” Set in the 1980’s, this coming of age tale is, in essence, is a play about family and a play about love. “It demonstrates how people can make a difference in others’ lives without even knowing it,” says co-writer, Thomas Heath.

While the play is sure to have you in tears from laughter, do not expect outlandish situations or caricatures. The play really is a slice of life. As a professional psychotherapist (play write by night!) Judy says, “There is an understanding when you study humans and their brains and how they move in the world to writing characters. I was always asking myself, ‘Would this character really do this?’”

Seeing Perfectly Normel People is not only a great way to spend a Saturday night, but also a cool historic opportunity for someone to come see the show for the first time and say that they were a part of it. “There are some big plans for this,” says Thomas. “The ultimate goal is to turn it back into a screenplay and into a movie.”

So come out to the South of Broadway Theatre Company, 1080 East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, and be a apart of history! The stage reading starts at 7:30pm. Purchase your tickets, $7 for adults $5 for students, at


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