Bring Your Canary: Kevin LePrince

Today we stopped by Kevin LePrince‘s gallery, Reinert LePrince Fine Art, at 179 King Street, to get a sneak look at his show Charleston Inspirations, which opens tonight.  Head by there between 5 – 8 pm and see it for yourself!

LePrince is probably best known for his quirky birds, like this center image

Lately he's been painting more landscapes, with a painterly, lumineschent style

He's always wanted an aquarium, but not the work. This fish is low maintainence!

Another gorgeous Lowcountry landscape, check out the incredible detail in the next image

detail from the landscape above

On any given day, you can find LePrince and fellow artist Rick Reinert, pictured here, painting in the gallery. "I'd be painting at home all day, I might as well do it here," says LePrince.

Thanks Kevin!!

Don’t miss his show tonight at Reinert LePrince Fine Art–but if you do, don’t worry, they’re open 7 days a week, and frequently stay open later on Fridays!  BUT, if you go tonight, there will be some vino and the like too!



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