Bring Your Canary: A Few Minutes with Tim Hussey

Norwegian Black 21 by Tim Hussey mixed media on paper 38 x 50 inches

The very first show I worked on as a student at College of Charleston’s Halsey Institute featured the work of Tim Hussey and Tom Stanley called Figure of Speech.  It was a life changing experience that brought me to where I am now, and so Tim Hussey has always had a special place in my heart.

Drown Then Swim, the 10 year retrospective at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park this past December, gave a wonderful view of the progression of his work and maturation of technique, content (or intentional lack of), and his exploration of styles from near total abstraction to delicate portraits.

Art Mag wanted to know a little more about this painter, and we think you’ll enjoy it too…

AM: When did you first pick up a [paintbrush/camera/pencil/charcoal/etc]?
TH: Hmmm.
I picked up a pencil when I was tiny. Bacteria-sized, in fact.
I started shooting pictures in college- 1988.
Never touched a paint brush until college, and started getting serious about it in New York, 1993.

AM: What artist(s), living or dead, would you like to have dinner with?
TH: My social phobia prevents me from getting excited about dinner with anyone.
However, I would love to develop a long-term friendship with:
Living: David Lynch
Dead: Cy Twombly
Sort of alive: William Eggleston
Kind of dead: Chan Marshall

AM: What is the first thing you reach for in the morning?
TH: Elise’s face

AM: Finish the sentence: When I run away to join the circus, I will…
TH: Call you to feed my cat

see Hussey’s work locally at Rebekah Jacob Gallery, 169 King Street.


One response to “Bring Your Canary: A Few Minutes with Tim Hussey

  1. There’s “space” and raw emotion inside Tim’s abstract paintings. Makes you want to look into them more & more.

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