Paula Lonneman Likes It Hot

We’re going to start a new feature to the weekly lineup, and the title is still in the works, but you’re definitely going to like it.  We’ll check out a different artist’s work each week and report back to you here…so you can take a little walkabout inside the brain of the artist.

Tomorrow night, Paula Lonneman of Indigo Fine Art opens her newest show Some Like It Hot, partially titled to reflect the weather and partially because of her warm, even hot, palette.

It’s all floral, and it’s loose.  She layers transparent colors until the very top when opaques come into play and then only uses 5 brushstrokes per flower (!!!) .  They are bold, they give you just enough information to know what you’re looking at without having to spell the whole thing out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Join Lonneman and the ladies of Indigo Fine Art tomorrow, Friday July 1, from 5 – 8 pm for margaritas while the fling open the doors to the courtyard and check out Some Like It Hot

102 Church Street,


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