Spoleto Is Here. Benvenuti!

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So the Spoleto Festival season has begun in earnest for me.  Last night the SCENEsters attended the final dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute.  It was pretty impressive, but as this operatic masterpiece of Mozart’s boasts a three hour engagement, we left at intermission.  I’ll report back on the full performance next week.

I hope you are all planning to attend the opening of Winter Stories and Kcymaerxthaere at Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (5 – 7 pm) and Contemporary Charleston 2011: Under the Radar (6 – 8 pm) at City Gallery at Waterfront Park tonight.

Make sure you check out the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow at 12 noon (free!) in front of City Hall.  You always get a little taste of a featured performance and hear Mayor Joe welcome us all in Italian.

Another free goodie for you tomorrow is the Piccolo Spoleto Sunset Serenade with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and Piccolo Spoleto Festival Orchestra at 8 pm in front of the US Customs house (water side, not East Bay side).

We’ll be seeing Corella Ballet and Comparison is Violence, or The Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim Songbook this weekend, so stay tuned for more on those.

And above all, make sure you check out the Jazz Artists of Charleston’s Jazz Series Upstairs at McCrady’s, happening every night at 7 and 10 pm!  This weekend is Heywood + Yost Jazz Flute Ensemble (26th), local favorite Lee Barbour (27th), Mutato featuring Clay Ross (28th) and Leah Suarez & Friends (29th)


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