Get the SCOOP on Kenton James’ New World

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Kenton James invites you into a brand new world that he has created.  It is populated with densely layered scenes of  life; trains, subways, sexy silhouettes, powerful animals, quite moments…step into Cinnamonworld.

The monochromatic palette of his previous works still remains, but the precise and sparse images have morphed into complex compositions that challenge the viewer to decipher individual objects.  The transition between objects in the layers remind you of the Surrealists, yet his images reside totally in the clear-minded present.  It’s almost like the 2010 film Inception, where moving between layers of a world where you recognize them all, but you’re not totally sure which world they belong to.

The work is beautiful.  His precision with the brush is unbelievable.  The compositions are challenging–you certainly won’t be bored by these paintings.  Don’t miss this show from an emerging artist who is certainly one to watch.

Cinnamonworld opens Friday, March 4th 2011 at SCOOP Studios. 57 1/2 Broad Street, for a preveiw & pre-sale of work.


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