Loving the Locals! Why We Joined Lowcountry Local First

The Art Mag girls have finally made the leap.  We are joining the grassroots powerhouse Lowcountry Local First! We have been watching them for quite some time, attending events and noticing the exciting movement that has been generated by their love and passion for all things local.  It’s high time we ALL join in.

Monday, November 15th is opening day of Buy Local Month and they are also planning a LLF Happy Hour on Thursday, November 18th at Med Bistro–which is super yummy, so make sure you get over there and meet the other cool locals making it happen in the Lowcountry.

The LLF’s mission is just the kind of thing Art Mag is all about, and we believe in what they are doing.  Charleston is such a special, magical place.  But just like any relationship, you have to give a lot of yourself to make it work, make it better.  It is SO important to preserve the unique fabric of the Lowcountry, which inspires us all.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox, and tell you all about MY DINNER AT HUSK last night!  Talk about embracing the Local!  Stay tuned, dear ones…


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