There are so many things going on this weekend, you have no excuse

TONIGHT:  Ballet Unplugged Live!

Charleston Ballet Theatre will kick off its 24th season tonight with a one-night only performance.  Three choreographers, three composers and four ballets will surely provide something for all dance enthusiasts!

Sottile Theatre on George Street, 7:30 pm.




TOMORROW: closing night of AWOL

PURE Theatre‘s production of AWOL will close Friday evening.  Check out CofC alum Katie Huard’s portrayal of a soldier who skipped out on service during the Iraq war.  PURE has never shied away from challenging or cerebral plays, and we suggest that you take it in.

AWOL at Charleston Ballet Theatre, 477 King Street, 7:30 pm.


SATURDAY: Lion in Winter at Footlight Players

Just another Christmas with the family…the royal family.  Think things are bad at your house?  Try being a king without an heir to your throne.

Footlight Players, 20 Queen Street, 8pm.



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