Joel Parker: The Art of the Keg Stand

Parker's Her First Keg Stand

Tonight at SCOOP Studios, gallery owners Colleen Deihl and Saramel Evans will open their doors wide to welcome the masses.  Joel Parker, painter and overachiever extraordinaire, will display his large scale works that earned his Masters in Fine Arts and new work side by side, with an opening from 5 – 8 pm that you should not miss.

Parker's A Double Portion

Since his presentation at Charleston Pecha Kucha Night 6, where he first came on my radar, Parker has been working  away on this show and simultaneously applying to universities across the south for further graduate study.  If it wasn’t enough that he graduated from College of Charleston with a triple-degree in Art History, Studio Art and Historic Preservation, he then got his Masters from Washington University.  In the last week, he has had offers from the University of Florida and University of South Florida.  And he’s got to decide by Monday!

Parker’s unusual depiction of subject matter in a very classic style can be surprising.  Tapping into his vast knowledge of art history, he frames modern activities in the style of European masters, like Cezanne’s The Bathers or The Three Graces depicted in Botticelli’s Primavera.

Cezanne's The Large Bathers

Parker is an extremely motivated artist, who has demonstrated drive to go beyond simply producing work to contemplating marketing strategies and making strides to help his gallery, which is a super refreshing quality.  And since it appears we won’t have him for too much longer, I suggest you make strides to come to SCOOP tonight, see this work for yourself, and meet the man behind these grand canvases.

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by Stacy Huggins


2 responses to “Joel Parker: The Art of the Keg Stand

  1. GREAT article and I love the wonderful way it was written!

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