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Extra! Extra!

It’s like Christmas at the Art Mag offices today–the Fall issue is here and will be hitting the streets today!  Distribution has just started, so keep your eye out for the newest edition of your guide to all the arts in Charleston!

There’s a really stellar article on Robert Lange Studios upcoming show Women Painting Women, a chronicle of artistic pioneers in Charleston like Linda Fantuzzo, Daphne Vom Bauer, Manning Williams and John Carroll Doyle that should not be missed, and the upcoming bluesphere earth art expo coordinated by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and partnering with Redux, City Gallery, the Gibbes Museum, Green Fair and Eye Level Art.

The popular artist profiles are there of course: Jack Alterman, Bernie Horton, Mary Whyte, Bob Ichter, Karen Vournakis round out the visual artists.  Enjoy culinary awesomeness from Charleston Grill executive chef Michelle Weaver and a profile on the hospitable Hall Family from Halls Chophouse.  Read up on jewelry designer Janelle Wilfong of Blame Janetics and everyone’s favorite Charleston fashion designer Rachel Gordon.  The Charleston Concert Association is celebrating its 75th Season, and Quentin Baxter sat down with us for a little insight into that tour de force.

We hope you enjoy it!

PAPERDOLL: the search is on…

Check out this amazing video about Karen Silvestro and her new show PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man on Vimeo by Austin Nelson, Tree Climber Productions

You’ve probably seen Austin’s videos chronicling artists in the 2009 and 2010 Contemporary Charleston exhibits from City Gallery at Waterfront Park.  But Tree Climber Productions does much more than making amazing videos of artists at their craft–send him a shout at

The show is up for another week–make sure you come by Robert Lange Studios at and check it out before it’s gone!!

Karen Silvestro’s PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man at Robert Lange Studios, 2 Queen Street, Charleston SC 29401.  843.805.8052.

What to do the rest of the weekend!

After you’ve had your fun at the opening of Karen Silvestro’s new show PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man hosted by Art Pimp at Robert Lange Studios tonight from 5:30 – 8:30, here’s what to do with the rest of your weekend.

Will Hoge at the Windjammer–the best musician you probably haven’t seen.

Will Hoge: ah-maz-ing

O.A.R. with Citizen Cope at Family Circle Stadium–I’d go just for Citizen Cope.

Citizen Cope, the hottest dude with dreads sings on Daniel Island tomorrow

Hedgwig and the Angry Inch at the American Theatre–glam rock opera.  ’nuff said.

PAPERDOLL Opens Tonight!

Karen Silvestro's On the Rocks

This is it!  The day is finally here!  PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man opens TONIGHT!  Join us at Robert Lange Studios tonight from 5:30 – 8:30 pm to raise a glass of bubbly and toast artist Karen Silvestro!

There will some awesome surprises in store, and libations from Social Wine Bar.  So come and mingle with the coolest people in Charleston tonight.  Thank you to Robert Lange Studios and Social Wine Bar!

On the Rocks shows us a group of humble fishes risking everything for the pursuit of their ‘dream girl.’  But she’s a mermaid.   A mythical sea creature.  She doesn’t really exist.  Sometimes we foolishly pursue something that we’ve built up so much in our mind that in reality doesn’t deserve the pedestal we’ve placed it upon.  Or you could optimistically look at it as never settling for anything less than your dreams, but it that’s the path you choose, maybe you should also examine if that dream is really what you want…

If you can’t make the opening tonight, don’t fret.  PAPERDOLL will hang at Robert Lange Studios through August 31st.  And Art Pimp will be there for the whole ride–so come visit anytime!

Robert Lange Studios is located at 2 Queen Street, downtown Charleston, SC.  843.805.8052.

take me for a ride

Karen Silvestro's Taken for a Ride

So I promised you a new Karen Silvestro painting a day.  Here you go.

Taken for a Ride depicts a woman who is disregarding all the warning signs and red flags in the pursuit of that ever-present preoccupation many females have–marriage.  What is it about this urge to settle down and commit our lives to another person that we may ignore all the indicators that it may not be the right person we are committing to?  As a Southern young woman, I can relate to the perplexity of this situation.  I know my parents, family, friends all thought I’d be married by now.  But it’s never been right.  I don’t want to be taken for ride.  This woman has her blinders on so tightly, she does not see that the man she is allowing to take her down this path to ‘wedded bliss’ is clearly not even a real man…

Come see Taken for a Ride and the rest of the PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man show at Robert Lange Studios.  Opening Reception this Friday at 2 Queen Street, from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, with beverages from Social Wine Bar on East Bay Street.  On view now through the end of August.  Visit Karen Silvestro online for a preview of the show.  Brought you by Art Pimp.

Here’s a little sneak peek of Karen Sivlestro‘s work installed at Robert Lange Studios, 2 Queen Street, downtown Charleston.  Please come by and visit–we’re moving our offices to RLS for the rest of August.

Don’t forget the Opening Reception for PAPERDOLL this Friday the 13th from 5:30 – 8:30!

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PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man Opens this Friday!

Each day this week we’ll unveil a new image from Karen Silvestro’s forthcoming show,

PAPERDOLL: The Search for the Perfect Man.

Visit Facebook for more details on the event!