Woodworking and Music tonight…what more could you want?

Aster Hall will debut woodwork by Charlie Moore and Raven Toney with photography by Diana Lauderdale of Factory Cactus tonight with a reception from 5:30-8:30.  The group has an interesting theme of incorporating the past and present…

Toney creates functional furniture exclusively from salvaged wood.  Moore utilizes both antiques tools of yesteryear and modern machinery of today in the creation of sleek contemporary pieces.  Lauderdale has been traversing our great country since the 70’s and highlights Americana with an interest in recycled and salvaged materials.

Knowing the folks over at Aster Hall, this will be a great time.  Visit them tonight at 481 King Street.

After visiting Aster Hall, head over to Eye Level Art where Two Man Gentleman Band with The Amazing Mittens will be taking the stage.  103 Spring Street, 8-11pm.  Billed as “raucous & vaudeville” it sounds like a good time to us!

Two Man Gentleman Band Tonight at ELA!


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