Re Nude: Celebrate the Body

Leila Davenport Ross has much to be proud of. With music, drinks, art, dancing (and hopefully plenty of sales), the Re Nude show was a great success. Protestors gathered outside while inside, naked figures in a variety of styles adorned every inch of the walls. Leila came up with the idea for the event as a way to raise awareness for reproductive healthcare, and 50% of proceeds from art sales were donated to Planned Parenthood. The event was a virtual who’s who with over fifty established and up and coming artists including: Jill Hooper, Tim Hussey, Leslie Pratt-Thomas, Karen Ann Myers, Karen Silvestro, Lisa Shimko, Michelle Barnwell, Charles Ailstock and too many more to mention…


2 responses to “Re Nude: Celebrate the Body

  1. I LOVE the header painting! Whose is it? It is my view every morning from Edisto Island!

  2. It’s a Shannon Smith painting. You can find her work at Smith-Killian fine art. This particular piece was actually one of our Art Mag covers a while back! It now hangs at McCrady’s.
    Smith-Killian is at 9 Queen Street. Check them out!


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