I Found My Peace at Eye Level Art

Eye Level Art proprietor Mike Elder and his Gallerina Caroline Millard have been hard at work for many months.  Putting on quality art shows?  Yes, of course.  But they have also been spinning many hamsters on wheels thinking of new ways to utilize their multipurpose space at the 103 Gallery.

So, how to captivate the demanding taste and attention of the Charleston scenesters?  With challenging shows, cutting edge musicians, and yoga.  Yes, YOGA.

Instructor Harry Dinwiddie doesn't play around...

This week, two of Art Mag’s crew ventured up to 103 Spring for a little ‘downward dog’ with Yogi extraordinaire Harry Dinwiddie.  Dinwiddie teaches several classes a week in Mount Pleasant, but when the siren song of Caroline/ELA called, Harry decided it was time to come downtown too.

Dinwiddie & ELA welcome the newest practitioner to the most experienced yogi; Dinwiddie tailors each class to the participants.  There is no pressure, and lots of fun to be had.  Not to mention the great art to look at while you are going through a Sun Salutation.

So come down to the 103 Spring St Gallery every Tuesday to find your peace at Eye Level Art.  We’ll see you there!

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:45 pm.   Non-members $13, Members $10.   Eye Level Art  103 Spring Street, DT 843.278.2374, www.eyelevelart.com

Dinwiddie & aspiring yogi Laurie Minarich


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