Jesus Christ Really is a Superstar

We took Wednesday night off Charleston Fashion Week to go see Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice’s masterpiece Jesus Christ Superstar at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center.  There is one more performance tonight on the nationwide tour’s stop in the Holy City, and you should definitely clear your schedule for this show!

JCS, as we’ll refer to it from here on, was a true example of star talent and the amount that creative directors, costumers and choreography can do with a minimal set.  There was only one set for the entire performance, yet the cast managed to transport you in completely different places with excellent choreography, costumes, and minimal props.

The vocals were spot on, with a particularly gifted Mary Magdalene sung by Sarah Hanlon & Judas, American Idol contestant John Twiford.  Actually, Judas kind of stole the show…which is pretty ironic.  Twiford’s Judas was so good you started to sympathize with him, despite his betrayal and disloyalty.

Jesus of Nazareth was played by Ted Neeley, who starred in the 1973 movie version.  Age seems to be getting the edge on Ted; the songs weren’t quite what they were in past years, but he can still hit the screamers.

Favorite Scene: After expelling thieves, traders & pimps from”The Temple,” Jesus dreams of being surrounded by the poor, the ill, the needy, all imploring him to ease their woes, and overwhelming Christ the Man.  One giant piece of black fabric covers all the group, revealing only their faces.  The fabric undulates with their movement, as it grows into overpowering chaos; it was superb.

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