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Charleston Fashion Week: Carol Hannah Loves Brides!

On Saturday March 20, 2010, Charelston’s own Carol Hannah Whitfield, of recent Project Runway fame, will debut her first bridal collection during Charleston Fashion Week.  There will be seven bridal runway shows total, and three of which are local designers.

In addition to tasty hors d’oeuvres & delectable champagne cocktails that will be served, Art Mag hears there will be a really cool musical collaboration.  The Charleston Symphony Orchestra will be playing rock songs to compliment the Romance Rocks! theme of the Southeast’s premier Bridal Couture Show.

Tents open at 11 am, the shows start at 12 noon, and the Bridal Style Lounge, complete with accessories, will be open until 2:30.  You can get in for only $45, so get over to and buy your tickets now— and meet Art Mag under the Tents at Marion Square!

Keep Art Alive. Marketing Is Essential.

Yesterday morning was a momentous occasion.  Michael Kaiser, President of the Kennedy Center for the Arts and author of The Art of the Turnaround, spoke to arts leaders of South Carolina at the College of Charleston.  On his 50 state book tour, Kaiser stopped in the Holy City to dispense some pearls of arts wisdom.  Kaiser has worked on the resuscitation of major arts organizations like the Kansas City Ballet, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, Royal Opera House of London…in short, the man knows what he’s talking about.

The first move many struggling arts organizations make is to cut marketing and cut programming—Michael Kaiser says: DO NOT cut your marketing or programming and DO NOT play it safe by putting on the same show, year after year.  You’ll bore your audience to tears, they will lose interest and you will lose funding.  Raising ticket prices is not the answer either; you’ll simply lose more of your audience.  This is the time to ramp up your marketing & make your work stand out!  Explore collaborations with other arts organizations, create vibrant programming & you will do well.

Kaiser posed a challenge to Charleston arts organizations who struggle with getting the attention and selling the tickets that may be, at times, elusive: make exciting works of art the other 50 weeks of the year that Spoleto is not in town.  Oh, and, if your organization is not on Facebook, get on it.  Charleston, we can do this!

And make sure you let Art Mag know about it!

Black v. White.. RLS Gallery.. 2.5.09

black. white. 30 talented artists.

For those of you who shyed away  this past rainy Friday evening, here are some pictures from the Black v. White show at RLS Gallery.