Art Mag hangs with artist Kevin Taylor in San Francisco

For the past five days, I’ve been hanging out with Charleston born artist Kevin Earl Taylor at his place in the Mission district of San Francisco!

kevin earl taylor

kevin earl taylor

colorful San Francisco bay windows

Kevin has been living in SF for the past four years and is doing really well. We went to a bunch of art shows, met a ton of great artists, critics, and curators.

a sample of one of Kevin's paintings

another painting.

My favorite show was of a female artist called Fanee at Gallery Three that draws over magazine pages. Who said doodling in mags didn’t amount to anything?!  Here are some of her pieces.

LOVE this artist! She goes by the name Fanee.

We also checked out work at The Shooting Gallery and the White Walls Gallery.

On a different night, we met up with famous SF artist and tattooist Mike Davis.

example of a Mike Davis painting.

Kevin will be visiting Charleston for a month beginning next week, and in the spring he’ll be curating a show at Scoop Studios on Broad Street!

Thanks for letting me crash at your pad, K.T.

See you back in Charleston!


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