First FR3SH Art Show this Saturday!

Imagine this.

Nine artists are locked into one space for 12 hours to create a minimum of three pieces each and collaborate on works with other artists. 

Well, it’s happening. And it’s almost here! 

This Saturday, August 1 from 5:00 pm to midnight, FR3SH Art will be hosting its first of many shows. The show willPicture 1 include sculptors, realism artists, abstract artists, and spray artists. Together, these different and distinctly unique artists will collaborate to create works beyond their solo capabilities. This experience will help artists to learn from each other and gain knowledge about other methods and techniques.

Directly after the lock-in, an art reception and party will follow at Tin Roof. Marcus Amaker will be performing in the “lounge” area at 9:00 pm and 10:09 pm. Cozy up on the couch and feel his words.

The morning after, FR3SH Art will be conducting interview with the artists. Every half hour from 9:00 am, in alphabetical order:

9:00 am – Tina Christophillis
9:30 am – Angela Chvarak 
10:00 am – Seth Corts 
10:30 am – Chris Dotson 
11:00 am –  Bennett Goodman
11:30 am – Joanna Jackson
12:00 pm – Spike Kittrell
12:30 pm – Max Miller
1:00 pm – William August Northcutt

Have a question you want to ask the artists? Or, to watch all nine artist live as they work for 12 hours from midnight Friday, go to Tickets are $5 — buy yours now!


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