Art Meet!

A creative meet and greet for artists, collectors, galleries, and creative enthusiasts.”

WALK GALLERY, LLC and Artist Publica are calling all artists, gallery owners, collectors, art appreciators, et al, to come out and meet each other, brainstorm and catch up on upcoming events. Bring your portfolios and make connections, have some dinner, drinks and conversation. It’s all taking place at 6 pm, Tuesday July 28th at the downtown Taco Boy, 217 Huger Street.

DATE: Tuesday, June 28th
TIME: 6 pm
LOCATION: Taco Boy, 217 Huger Street

The 6:00 p.m. meeting is a forum for those involved and interested in the arts community to meet one another, brainstorm and collaborate on events. 

The meeting at 217 Huger Street will be the first in a monthly installment.  Rena Lasch, W A L K Gallery’s founding member, local artist Max Miller, and other notable figures in the art community will be in attendance. For more information visit


One response to “Art Meet!

  1. Love the magazine! The contents of this magazine make Charleston come alive. Equal stimulation for all five senses! What a treat! You can almost plan your whole cultural itinerary before you arrive. I can’t wait for the experience!

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