i absolutely love being covered in clay!


A few weeks ago, i started a wheel-throwing pottery class at Cone 10 Studios in downtown Charleston and I’m super excited about it!  I haven’t made anything amazing yet, but I find the process very therapeutic and fun!  My grand-mother (the person i aspire to be like the most in the world) was an artist and a potter, so this is a very special thing for me!  I did pottery with her when i was a young child, but haven’t touched it since. She has since passed away so this is my way of getting to know her a little better. 




my new favorite hobby!

my new favorite hobby!



I’m happiest when i’m covered in my art!

What you need to get started.

BEFORE i made a big mess!

BEFORE i made a big mess!

the master potter!

the master potter!



Betsey Carter, one of the studio owners, and my fabulous teacher gives us a demo.


Ha! My first pinch pot!  My mom must be so proud!  I think i made one when i was 7 that was actually much better!  The next time i make one, i’ll do it with my eyes closed and i bet you anything it will be better!

it's my first day!!!

Give me a break! It's my first day!!!







Learning how to “center.”  This process is much more physical than it looks. If you look closely you can see my muscles straining!  LOL.  Seriously, you do have to put your entire body into wheel-throwing pottery.  It took me a while to get the hang of it, but as soon as i blocked everything out and started to “feel” it, everything worked.  

It’s really zen. Love it!

Centering is tougher than it looks!

Centering is tougher than it looks!


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